Thursday, May 8, 2014

Effects on Children of Teen Parents- Disadvantages, Problems, Imapct and Needs

Children of teen pregnancy are at higher risk for a wide range of diseases and conditions that can affect children. Doctors are aware of this and pay special attention to teenagers who become pregnant whenever this is possible. They will point out the increased risks to the teenage mother so that both parents and the immediate family can be better prepared and take precautions where necessary.

Children of teen pregnancy are more likely to be born prematurely. Being a preemie, or a premature baby comes with its own share of problems. Kids who are born too early sometimes have organs that are not fully developed. They may die if they do not receive the right kind of help through specialized equipment that can help them perform the vital functions of life until their little bodies are able to work on their own.

Teen Pregnancy 

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These little ones have a low birth weight. Some of them are really tiny and may remain that way for the first few years of life. Although some of these kids start out small, they may grow significantly as they move into adolescence and by adulthood they may be the same size as other people in their age group.

Children of teen pregnancy are also more likely to die as infants because their bodies are not properly developed. The babies experience more illnesses and sometimes have cognitive delays. However, if a child does not display any signs of problems at birth it is less likely that they will have issues later on with their health.

One of the problems that teen mothers often face is that of their own children engaging in early sexual activity. They usually warn their kids of the possible outcomes of early sexual activity but some of these children disregard the warnings. In fact, children who are born to teen mothers and fathers are more likely to engage in early sexual activity.