Thursday, July 3, 2014

Is It Safe to Drink a Soy Chai Latte Tea with Anise During Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women who enjoy drinking soy chai lattes wonder if it is safe to do so during pregnancy. This tea has less caffeine than coffee. It also helps some women to relax and that is generally a positive thing when it comes to health.

This tea contains anise, which has been linked to miscarriages. Anise is known to bring on contractions. That is the reason why some women are wary of drinking the tea while they are carrying their baby in their womb.
Not all soy chai latte’s contain anise. If you really want to have a cup, choose a brand or a store that does not use this spice or spices that have a similar side effect when making the beverage.

According to, anise is not recommended for use in pregnancy. You should also be careful with meats, liqueurs and other food products that contain this flavoring.

As with everything else, if you choose to drink a soy chai latte tea during pregnancy, you should do so with caution. Moderation is the key. If you have any health issues that you feel might exacerbate the effect of anise, speak to your gynecologist about it.
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